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A young mutant massacres those she holds responsible for the death of her loved one.




Director/Writer: Charles Liu



Emma Kirby

Delaney Dwyer

Brooke Ritzow

Paul Lessila

Taylor Wick

Christopher Ryczek

Xavier Lopez

Andrew Caddell

Brandon Leis

Kyle Leiske

Joshua Lucas

Brett Smykal

Zachary Kornburger

Matthew Emmer


Producer: Xiangjun Liu

Producer: Mark Grosskopf

Producer: Yaoju Chen


Audio Technician: Danny Ballister

Audio Technician: Maggie Dwyer


Production Assistant: Aaron Daly


Special Thanks:

The Sheppard Family

Mark Grosskopf

Matt Emmer

Taylor Wick

Aaron Daly

Mike and Cindy Kirby

Yaoju Chen

Xiangjun Liu

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